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Flat back Swarovski crystals are absolutely perfect to add sparkle to a wide range of materials. Use them to customise clothes, skin, nails, dancewear, wedding dresses and shoes as well as cardmaking and stationery. They have 14 facets to provide dazzle! These are foiled on the back to reflect every ray of light. The possibilities are endless - your imagination is the limit!

Go on - add some bling!!


Clearance Sale!

Daisy-Doo is closing down the supplies section of its website.

MASSIVE discounts while stocks last.     

Swarovski Flatbacks from £1.75 per pack
E6000 £2.50 per tube
Non-tarnish silver plated wire £2 per coil
And many more!

Daisy-Doo Swarovski Converse kits crystals


Which type of flatbacks should I choose?

There are 2 types of Swarovski flatback crystals. No Hotfix and Hotfix

No Hotfix - If you are bejewelling items like cell phones, i-Pods, computers, flip flops, nails, skin, car keys etc. You should purchase these crystals and apply them with glue. We recommend E6000 glue for most applications - except skin and nails. Using superglue or a hot glue gun will damage the foil back, discolour them and they will lose their sparkle.

Hotfix - These crystals come with a heat activated glue already attached to the back of each crystal. This type of crystal is used only for fabrics and are applied using a heat applicator tool like a household iron, heat press or a specialized hotfix tool that will pick up round rhinestones, heat them until the glue begins to melt so that you can attach them to your fabric.

But be warned - hotfix will not stick to certain materials e.g. smooth leather, imitation leather, ceramic, waterproofed materials or thin fabric such as organza (I use no hotfix crystals and E6000 to stick flatbacks onto wedding veils).

There are many excellent Youtube videos on how to become expert with Hotfix crystals which we strongly advise you to watch before starting!

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Flat Back Crystals

Daisy-Doo Swarovski wedding gown crystals

Daisy-Doo Swarovski wedding veil

Daisy-Doo Swarovski memory stick USB

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