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These are unique to Daisy-Doo. The crystals and pearls are Swarovski and the silver is 925 sterling silver. They make wonderful gifts to celebrate a special occasion. They have been used to show birthdays and anniversaries like the main picture, as a way of proposing marriage, marking the birth of a child... the list goes on!

Unlike your traditional keepsakes which tend to be put away in a box and only surface again when you move house - these will be looked at every year with fondness and can be passed down from generation to generation in the years to come.

You can have any combination of colours of crystals and or pearls. Just state what you would like in the box above. There are some examples below to give you ideas - but feel free to make up your own. I will make your canes with a corresponding colour of ribbon unless you request an particular colour.

Write the name, date or message in the box above.There will only be room for a maximum of 8 letter/number blocks (these are solid silver too). If you require more than this then send us a message ( and we will see if we can help you.

Your cane will be sent to you in one of our special white boxes from The Tiny Box Company - who appeared on TV's Dragons' Den - that are 100% recycled.

We love what we do here at Daisy-Doo and you will find that every one of our pieces is always finished to an exceptionally high standard using the finest of materials and the greatest of care.

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